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Transcend and Align Therapy Online Services


Trauma can leave behind deep, painful wounds that require deep healing to reveal. The wounds trauma leaves behind can be difficult to heal because we often suppress them due to how difficult it is to express them and find safe spaces to reveal the detriment they’ve left behind. Regardless of the severity of trauma, coping with trauma can be isolating and filled with unexpected challenges. It is common to experience anger, frustration, sadness, guilt, or shame after experiencing a traumatic event. You may not be interested in the same things you once enjoyed, and it may be difficult for you to find somewhere you feel safe. Unhealed trauma can impact how you feel and think about yourself and others, and how you react to daily life.


I work with trauma survivors to regain control, instill hope, validate their own experiences, and create feelings for safety that promote permission to face challenges that remind clients of their strengths. I encourage clients to reveal these wounded parts of themselves that are longing to be seen and heard, to relinquish the power they hold. In acknowledging our struggles, we give strength and empowerment to our most authentic, genuine selves. I work with clients at their pace to process their pain and connect to the joy that lives within them by teaching methods
that support accepting all parts of themselves. I am dedicated to helping trauma survivors feel without shame, accept without doubt, and live with mindfulness of all the strength they have collected within their struggles.

Trauma Transcend and Align Therapy
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