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Transcend and Align Therapy Arizona

Adolescent Issues

Adolescence is filled with unexpected challenges and confusion. It can be difficult for adolescents to be vulnerable with trusted, loved ones. I have extensive experience in helping adolescents gain internal awareness that supports them in understanding the many challenges that they face. Whether they are facing self-esteem issues, challenges connecting to peers, feeling like they don’t “fit in”, or even trying to figure out what they want to do after high school, I support adolescents in finding methods that support self-expression in healthy and authentic ways.


I seek to help adolescents find their voice and identify what their needs are. Sometimes there are so many expectations on youth at once it is easy to become overwhelmed and be unable to express what it is they need. I teach teens effective problem solving and communication skills to support learning ways to advocate for yourself! I understand that for many teens it is vital to have a supportive, stable home setting. To ensure holistic support I provide family therapy, as requested, to support the adolescent in expressing themselves and rebuilding a supportive family system.

Adolescent Issues Transcend and Align Therapy
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