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Transcend and Align Individual Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

This space is meant to support clients in having a space to let it all out. I support you in just being you, whatever that may be. In this space, we will focus on how you’re feeling right now, and will seek a deeper understanding of the influences that help you cope and what you need to heal and grow. Your treatment is tailored to you, the frequency and duration of our sessions will be determined by your needs and goals for therapy.

Virtual Therapy

I am excited to offer virtual therapy! I understand that therapy can be difficult to fit into hectic daily life and I strive to give you the flexibility to engage in therapy from the convenience of your home, bed, couch, or car, as long as you are in the states of California, or Arizona! Virtual therapy can provide the same transformative benefits as in-person therapy, and you can have security in knowing I use HIPAA compliant platforms to ensure your privacy and confidentiality are prioritized.

Transcend and Align Therapy Virtual Therapy Services
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