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Hi! I’m Alexa Gonzales, LCSW (CA-#102599, AZ-#21305) and the founder of Transcend & Align therapy services. I am available to see clients in California and Arizona, virtually. I am so happy you are here and considering therapy to support you. I support adults and adolescents in building insight in self-awareness and self-reflection by focusing on their strengths that have sustained their well-being thus far. I provide a safe space for clients that allows exploration of their needs and supports revealing parts of themselves that are seeking to be heard and seen.

Psychology Alexa Gonzales

Brand Symbolism

Just like the dandelion, we go through different stages in life that bring about significant changes. The dandelion is the only flower that symbolizes the moon, sun, and stars, reminding us of the beautiful intricacies of life.The dandelion and its symbolism can teach us about growth and self-improvement. We must recognize that change is a natural part of life, and use each stage to reach our full potential.The symbolism of the dandelion is truly inspiring as it represents growth, hope, and healing. Alexa's philosophy and mission perfectly align with these values, as she strives to assist people in enhancing and improving their lives.

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My Approach

My goal in treatment is to support clients in finding their inner strengths that support their purpose. I encourage clients to say what makes them uncomfortable and use the space in therapy to explore their wants and needs to help them reach their most authentic self. Regardless of the challenges you come with my goal is to help you find peace from within. Together, we can work together to build the connection between your heart, body, and mind to support your alignment with your most authentic self!

My Mentality

Life is filled with uncertainty, and it can be difficult to know the next direction to take. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of life can make it difficult to know what choice will support your goals. I am passionate about listening to clients and providing informed guidance to ensure your next steps are what’s best for you! I hope to create to a space that clients can come to and feel safe, confident, and most importantly, HEARD.

Transcend and Align Therapy My Mentality
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