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Transcend and Align therapy Life Transitions

Life transitions

Processing changes in life on your own is hard! Loss of a loved one, changes in a friendship, a breakup, marriage, transitioning from being a student to a full-time employee, or anything that is bringing up difficulty managing your emotions can be difficult on your own. Whether the change is unexpected or anticipated it can be hard to adapt to new things. You may be feeling overwhelmed, sad, fearful, or struggling to find balance. These changes can be hard to navigate on your own and having support can be transformative.


I support clients having difficulty with life transitions by providing a safe and brave space to talk about it by encouraging clients to sit in the discomfort of the transition. My goal is to encourage clients to explore their thoughts and feelings about the transition and guide them in gaining clarity
and understanding of what this transition may be triggering. We can work together to build self-care skills that promote connecting with these challenges to help you sustain and continue to progress towards your life’s purpose.

Life Transitions Transcend and Align Therapy
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